In everyday life, it is common to hear someone say, “I just had a thought” or “the thought just occurred to me.” For instance, one may have a thought about an event that took place during the last Super Bowl.
 Sharing your feelings helps you release the emotions you have pent up inside. It allows for individuals to talk through their situation which may lead to a clearer mind. … Sharing your feelings with others also helps others understand you better. It helps to build a stronger connection between both parties. 

Why is it important to share your feelings and emotions?

 It is important to share you’re feelings with others so that they can help you to the best of their ability and try to understand what you are going through, Keeping things bottled can be unhealthy and could lead to depression if you don’t talk to someone, not everyone understands what you are going through, but opening up to others just to let your feelings out and vent about a problem that has been building is a great way to release all that tension that has been building for so long. If you do not feel comfortable talking to a close friend or family member you can always come here to vent out your problems and can share here. We won’t judge you.

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  1. So it’s all about my covid story or my covid experience and still not get over of it mentally. I tested positive in the beginning of second wave. It began with headache , fever , sore throat and then after I noticed my sense of smell and taste had become blunted. I suspected it to be covid and this is when I started panicking and those constant anxiety and woriness kept me up all night though , I was recovering quickly because it was a mild covid. But the reason of panicness was my family because with me they also tested positive . This was such a difficult situation for us to handle and even sometimes we wanted to distract ourselves from it but social media, news , articles everywhere they showed just about Corona. We just got tired of listening ambulance sirens allover . That was so distrubing or I can say worst days of my life . Even after a month sometimes I experienced night sweats of thinking bad thoughts . After sharing my story here I’m feeling a kind of relief now . Thank you for making this wonderful website more love to you and your family 😊

  2. i want to share something. recently i am going through a lot of career and family problems. i have to fulfill my duty by being responsible towards my family as i m the eldest of my family but due to this pandemic i cant. i have not found any job till now as there is lockdown every where and there are very limited jobs. it feels very heavy on mind and heart that i am not able to support my family economically . it’s a very depressed feeling which is not sharable and also i have no one to talk to that’s why i am sharing here.

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